Monday, April 9, 2012

A Rockin' Great Time at the Liliputan Rocky Beach Park

 (July 2011)

No, Virginia, we did not go to Lilliput nor did we see Gulliver or the tiny people known as Lilliputians. We went to a not so popular beach park in San Julian, Eastern Samar --- The Liliputan Rocky Beach Park.

It was the last day of my short vacation in my hometown of Borongan so my folks decided to have some  R & R and head on to the beach after the fiesta in our barangay. But instead of just going to Cabong (a favorite place by Boronganons) they decided that we go to the nearby town of San Julian.

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Liliputan literally mean where one turns around a point, from the root word "liput" meaning to turn around a point. This can also mean a short cut.

The way to the Liliputan Rocy Beach Park
Rocky Beach Park Fees
As you can see in the photo, rates are pretty cheap:
Entrance Fee: Php5.00
Cottage Fee: Small - Php75.00 Medium - Php150.00 Large - Php200.00
Open Space with table: Php25.00
Use of shower/comfort room: Php5.00
Use of electricity: Php50.00
Open space per group: Php20.00

It is not your typical beach, the shore line is far so there is no chance to do some HHWWPSSP (Holding hands while walking pa-sway sway pa) but to compensate for the lack of a sandy beach you can see the majestic rock formations that surround the area. The are rock enclosures where you can swim to your hearts content. My cousins and nephews all had a great time in the water.

Aside from swimming, visitors can also check out the turtles that they are taking care of at the resort. It's a perfect time to teach kids about animals and the ecosystem (Well if you still have time after all the swimming, eating and drinking tuba).

We wished we could have stayed longer but it was already late in the afternoon and I still had to rest for my flight back to Manila the next morning. I do hope to go back when I get the chance to visit Borongan again.

So if you do get to Eastern Samar, which is not exactly on everyone's travel list, you can check out the Liliputan Rocky Beach Park. I promise, you will have a rockin' good time.



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