Saturday, August 13, 2011

Borongan Homecoming Teaser

It was my second time to travel alone to my hometown, thanks to a friend I was able to buy a ticket at a promo fare for my annual trip to Borongan, Eastern Samar. A small city with a population of 55,141 (2000 census), it is not  on the top list of travel destinations of the Department of Tourism. Ask any traveler if they have been to my hometown and they most probably would ask, "Where is that?"

The famous San Juamnico Bridge which links the islands of Samar and Leyte,

Freshly caught octopus

How far is Borongan from Manila?

Solitary banca
 Only recently, due to Tito Boy Abunda's popularity does the city gets mentioned in news outlets in the country. It is a place that is still waiting to be explored. I wish it would get its spot in future Pilipinas Tara Na music videos.

More of my Borongan Homecoming in the next post. When is it? You can never can tell. :)


  1. Didn't know you're from Samar! Haven't been there and I'd really love to visit someday.

  2. Hope you can visit kompanyera, maganda sa Eastern Samar kulang lang sa exposure :)