Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Images of Batanes

According to Digital Photography School, there are 20 travel photography subjects that must be captured by any traveler, so here are some of the photos (all from a point and shoot camera) I took from my recent tour of Batanes with fellow bloggers who won in SEAIR's contest.

1. Water

Taken from the Chawa Viewdeck in Mahatao
The Fountain of Youthh in Diura
2. Old People

Lola sa Bintana (Old lady by the window in Chavayan, Sabtang Island)

3. Young People

Children biking in Uyugan
Kid along the beach in Sabtang Port
 4. Religion

Mahatao Church
The Ten Commandments in Ivatan
5. Sports

How many balls are in this picture?

6. Socializing

Journeying James' drinking session with the Ivatans
Sabong (Cockfight in Diura Fishing Village)
 7. Icons

The house where Iza Calzado's movie "Batanes" was shot
The Honesy Coffee Shop in Ivana

8. Rich and 9. Poor (sorry I was not able to take pictures of rich or poor people, or maybe they were rich or poor I just did not notice, I do not really care about other people's economic background)

10. Transportation

The falowa or what I like to call, 30 minutes in hell :)
11. Economy

The butcher's Facebook status, wanna bet?
12. Food

Lunch fare at Nakabuang Beach (Coconut crab, sauteed onion leaves, turmeric rice, adobo and Kanañiz (squid)
Humet (Seaweed soup)

13. Food preparation (missed taking pictures of that, again, sorry)
14. Weather

Bovine basking in the sunset (Naidi Hills)
15. Art

Street art, Ivatan style
16. Modern vs. Traditional

A modern designed house being constructed beside a traditional abode in Sabtang
17. Downtown (Batanes does not really have a downtown area, no ubiquitous fast food chain or malls)

Journeying James and Pinay Travel Junkie strolling in Basco
18. Views (Lots of views, photographers would go crazy capturing the island's stunning vistas)

Chamantad Viewpoint in Chavayan, Sabtang Island
19. History

Ivana Church ruins (behind the current Ivana Church)
20. Architecture

Sto. Niño de Florencia Church in Uyugan (the "Kikay church" according to Journeying James)

The House of Dakay, the oldest surviving house in the town of San Jose de Ivana in Batan Island
21. Wacky/Odd (I dunno if this wacky coz I think only Pinoys would be able to get the joke)

Here at Is-im, we've got it all for you!
May I just add this, 22. Animals

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wandering Back in Time: The Old Globe in Rizal Park

I was browsing through old photos in the house last night (old-fashioned browsing: hard bound photo albums) when I saw a picture of my mother back in the '70's. She was with her friend (sorry, forgot to ask the name) in front of the old big globe in Rizal Park.

I remember seeing that globe when I was a kid back in the late '80's (now your getting clues to my age), it was as awesome looking as it is in the picture but it was still a sight to behold. There was the old skating rink around it and many park goers would have their picture taken in front of the humongous globe.

Of course the globe and the skating rink are both gone and has been replaced by the statue of Lapu-Lapu (the hero of Mactan). After seeing the two photos, no offense to Lapu-Lapu, I kinda wish that the globe is still there.

This is the Wandering Lion signing off. Peace.