Monday, February 21, 2011

Batanes Pre-departure Oddventure

All my bags are pack, I'm ready to go...

The day finally came, February 11, 2011 - 02.11.11, after weeks of anticipation, it was the day that I was going to finally set foot on the country's northernmost province thanks to SEAIR. I woke up at around 3:30 am, had a quick shower and immediately went to the Domestic Airport in ParaƱaque. I arrived at around 4:30 am, my e-ticket indicated that we were going to board the Manila-Basco early morning flight at 6:00 am so I arrived just in time. Or so I thought.

Excited for the trip, I did not bother to check my emails for any sudden change so I was surprised when the pretty lass in the check-in counter told me,

She: "Sir, do you know Joseph Dy?"
Me: Yes, siya yung tour guide namin. Bakit?
She: Sir, nag-reconfirm po siya ng flight nyo, 10am na ang alis nyo for Batanes.
Me: Ganun ba (thought baloon: umandar na naman ang katangahan mo boy), di kasi ako nag-check ng emails last night eh.
She: Alam na rin po ba ng mga kasamahan nyo yan?
Me: Di ako sure eh, nanalo lang kasi ako sa contest kaya ako pupunta ng Batanes (matching smile)
She: Wow, galing nyo naman sir, paano kayo nanalo? (SEAIR girl smiles)
Me: Blog writing contest lang ng SEAIR, nagsulat lang ako ng reasons on why I should go to Batanes...
She: Galing naman, anong sinulat nyo, galing ni sir noh (talks to her fellow ground attendant)
Me: Check mo na lang...hehehe
She: Sige sir, check ko na lang, iwan nyo na lang yung baggage nyo, then you can just go back pag malapit na yung oras ng alis nyo.
Me: Ganun na nga lang siguro.

I was suppose to engage in more fun time chat with Ms. SEAIR but I figured I could use the spare time before the flight to do some other things, which I still had to think of. Anyway it was much better to get out of the airport than to sit and wait for my travel mates for 5 hours.

And that my friends is my pre-departure oddventure. Moral lesson: Check your email the night before the flight or leave any contact number so the guide can inform you early on.

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  1. Woohoo! The ex-armchair traveler now has a travel blog... Mwahugs! At teka, nagchikahan pa kayo ni Ms. Seair. Yihee!